Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Pros and Cons of Garden Weddings

One of our readers asked us what to take into consideration when thinking of  having a garden wedding. Here is the answer, Zimbo style.

Sarris Gardens
Zimbabwe is a predominantly sunny country and a great place to hold outdoor weddings. Garden weddings are trending more and more in Zim, and because of that, we’ve come up with a short list of the pros and cons of having a garden wedding.

Mystique Weddings
·      One stop shop venue
Many of the garden venues in Zimbabwe are big enough for the ceremony and reception to be held in one place.  Photos can be taken there as well, which is great news for us. You know how us Zimbos love our garden photos!

·      Less floral décor needed
The beauty of a garden wedding is that it does not need much floral décor. Using the flowers and plants of the venue to accent your décor is a great way to save money.

·      Unlimited number of guests
    Garden Wedding venues range from open spaces to intimate garden restaurants. Whether you want a small wedding for less than 50 or a huge wedding for more than 200, there is a venue that can cater for all tastes.

Florence Chisholm Park
·      Weather Dependent
Zimbabwe has beautiful weather, but our summer season is also our rainy season. The rain is unpredictable, so if you’re having a summer wedding, make sure you have a back-up indoors plan or you have hired a tent.

·      Ensure Guests are Comfortable
The Zimbabwean sun is brutal, be it summer or winter. Ensure guests have water, fans and an umbrella, or if you can’t provide for all your guests, make sure you include the information on your invitation.

·      Limited Dress Code
Ladies! Garden weddings and stilettos are a no-no! I know, I’ve done it before! It is not comfortable walking around on your tiptoes to avoid having your heels sink into the soft red soil! Wear wedges, stacked heels and chunky heels instead; they are trending nowadays.

·      Experienced Planner Required
A garden wedding is difficult to plan, with the additional expense of hiring equipment such as chairs, tables, and so on. Nowadays the garden wedding venues provide all the equipment needed, but in cases where the hiring is to be done from outside sources, an experienced planner is needed to keep track of all your vendors.

Buxton Park 

Garden weddings are quite difficult to plan, but when executed well, are memorable events. All you need is to keep the above points in mind.
We would love to hear from our brides who are planning a garden wedding or who had a garden wedding. What did you go through? What other pros or cons would you add?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Vendor Review: Mosha Bridal

I’m still squealing internally.... I finally have a dress!!! And the bridal salon I’ve decided to  purchase it from... Mosha Bridal. It’s this cute little bridal salon at the Eastgate shopping centre, specialising in wedding and special occasion dresses. After many weeks of indecision (and waiting for my mom to come and fall in love with my choice), we put down our deposit for the dress.
I enjoyed my time there. They have a fair selection of dresses, ranging from the super-poufy, to the streamlined. They charge $5 for trying on 5 dresses, and no appointment is necessary. I would recommend though, that as they grow more popular, they start booking fitting appointments.
The consultants are quite friendly and professional. They seem perpetually busy though, so it’s a bit frustrating if you are in a hurry, because they will leave you alone to attend to “something else.” Going there when you have lots of time is a must.
The bridesmaids dresses? Divine!!! I have to go there again and find out if they have the bridesmaid dresses my maid of honour and I have agreed on.
Here is my enthusiastic review of Mosha Bridal, and I hope they only get better!!!

Mosha Bridal Salon
Shop 20, Eastgate Mall

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Emporium Bridal Expo!!! I'm Soooo There!!!

On my way to the Celebration Centre today, I came across this:

So if I'm a little bit quiet during those dates, don't worry, I'll be back with lots of feedback from the Expo! Exciting times ahead!

Let us hear from you ladies if you're gonna be there!!!

Invitations to Make You Drool (Just a bit)-Part 1

This blog started because I was bugging my co-blogger, Nyasha, about invitations. So in honour of the way our blog began, I've collected a few invitations I found while I was online, which I would like to share with you. How gorgeous are these! The two views are the front and back. Simple, yet elegant, with beautiful font!

Cosmopolitan Wedding Invitation

Classic Wedding Invitation

Marquee Wedding Invitation

Calligraphy Wedding Invitation

Glamour Wedding Invitation
All these I found on the Glamour website
For those who have fallen in love with these invitation designs, as I have, email Nyasha, and her company, Icclesia designs, can design them for you! I've already put in my order, I will definitely show you the finished product!

Any modern, fuss-free brides like me? I promise for all the romantic brides, we'll bring you lots of ribbon and lace next time!!! Let's hear from you!!!