Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Invitations to Make You Drool (Just a bit)-Part 1

This blog started because I was bugging my co-blogger, Nyasha, about invitations. So in honour of the way our blog began, I've collected a few invitations I found while I was online, which I would like to share with you. How gorgeous are these! The two views are the front and back. Simple, yet elegant, with beautiful font!

Cosmopolitan Wedding Invitation

Classic Wedding Invitation

Marquee Wedding Invitation

Calligraphy Wedding Invitation

Glamour Wedding Invitation
All these I found on the Glamour website
For those who have fallen in love with these invitation designs, as I have, email Nyasha, and her company, Icclesia designs, can design them for you! I've already put in my order, I will definitely show you the finished product!

Any modern, fuss-free brides like me? I promise for all the romantic brides, we'll bring you lots of ribbon and lace next time!!! Let's hear from you!!!

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