Saturday, 21 July 2012

Vendor Review: Mosha Bridal

I’m still squealing internally.... I finally have a dress!!! And the bridal salon I’ve decided to  purchase it from... Mosha Bridal. It’s this cute little bridal salon at the Eastgate shopping centre, specialising in wedding and special occasion dresses. After many weeks of indecision (and waiting for my mom to come and fall in love with my choice), we put down our deposit for the dress.
I enjoyed my time there. They have a fair selection of dresses, ranging from the super-poufy, to the streamlined. They charge $5 for trying on 5 dresses, and no appointment is necessary. I would recommend though, that as they grow more popular, they start booking fitting appointments.
The consultants are quite friendly and professional. They seem perpetually busy though, so it’s a bit frustrating if you are in a hurry, because they will leave you alone to attend to “something else.” Going there when you have lots of time is a must.
The bridesmaids dresses? Divine!!! I have to go there again and find out if they have the bridesmaid dresses my maid of honour and I have agreed on.
Here is my enthusiastic review of Mosha Bridal, and I hope they only get better!!!

Mosha Bridal Salon
Shop 20, Eastgate Mall

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