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Emporium Bridal Expo Recap Part 3

Yeah! The final instalment of my Bridal Expo Recaps! I feel like Peter Jackson with the Lord of the Rings! Or Twilight... this is my Twilight post! Trilogies are so in nowadays *chuckle chuckle*. Though technically, Twilight wasn’t really a trilogy... or was it? They had 4 movies, but the book set, had 3 books. But I digress... back to work. This recap deals with the rest of the vendors who exhibited at the Bridal Expo.

Equipment Hiring & Decor
1.       Rooney’s
You know you’re Zimbabwean when you’ve been to a function that hired equipment from Rooney’s. They’ve stood the test of time and they just keep getting better. I loved this quote from their pamphlet: “We’re not saying we are good because we’re 60 years old. We’re saying we’re 60 years old because we’re good at what we do.” Happy 60th, Rooney’s!
144 Seke Road, Harare, Zimbabwe
P.O. Box 1351, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel(Skype): +263 4 748621-7, 771560-3
Fax:+263 4 770348

Arundel Office
Arundel Village
50 Quorn Ave
Mount Pleasant, Harare
Tel(Skype): +263 4 302417, 302421

2.       Dreams Hiring Services
I came across this company at work when I was considering a certain venue for my upcoming wedding. They’re good at what they do. I have not dealt with them personally, but from afar, I love their  work!
Address: 303 Empowerment Way, Willowvale, Harare
Tel: +263 4 2911527/8
Mobile: +263 772 254 959, +263 772 700 283
3.       Oreac Events
I remember Oreac from Bulawayo, so you could imagine my excitement when I saw them exhibiting, and telling me that they’re also based in Harare! They do it all! Not only do they do equipment hire, they do decor, catering, they supply PA systems, DJs, photography and videography. Excellent!
Address:18 Suffolk Road, Strathaven, Avondale, Harare
Mobile: +263 772 937 972, +263 772 815 195

Suite 201, 2nd Floor, Sterling House
82A Jason Moyo St, btwn 8th Ave & L. Takawira St. Bulawayo
Tel: +263 9 77044/5
Mobile: +263 772 937 972
4.       Weddings Forever
Weddings Forever was established quite recently, and they have done quite a fair number of weddings so far. They are still new, but they are great at what they do, judging by their stand. They will go all out on your wedding day, cause they are still making a name for themselves, and for sure you will not be disappointed. They also supply wedding gowns and wedding accessories.
Address: 4 Edmonds Road, Belvedere, Harare
Mobile: +263 779 668 871, +263 713 357 049, +263 716 063 346

1.       P. M. Sunflower Creations
I visited their stand and I was impressed beyond words. Not only do they have the normal invitation cards, favour boxes and table numbers, but they also have seating charts, gift boxes, and so on and so on. It’s delightfully overwhelming! If you want it, I guarantee, they probably have it. They also can do wedding websites, which is such a great help if you have family in the diaspora. So in other words, go get that wedding website! J
Address: 5 McGlew Close, Mount Pleasant, Harare
Mobile: +263 734 620 501
2.       The Posh Paper Place
I loved the creativity of this stand. Not only do they have amazing stationery, the owner, Denise, has such an eye for colours and beauty. It’s great to work with someone who can take your vision and make it into reality. You will not be let down.
Address:Willowmead Junction (upstairs), Cnr Willowmead Lane and Rolfe Avenue, Rolfe Valley, Harare
Mobile: +263 772 269 500

Hair and Beauty
1.       Lee’s Hair Salon
They do microbonding, highlights, blow waves, bridal styling, hair weaving, haircuts and relaxing. Go check them out!
Address: 5 McGlew Road, Arundel, Harare
Mobile: +263 772 330 254
2.       Makeup by Nyasha
Nyasha blew me away when I went to her stand! She knows her craft, and is truly skilled in it. I’d recommend booking her 6 months in advance, where she tells you how to prepare your skin. 2 months before, you’ll have your first makeup trial, and then make up for the day. That is professional! I was highly impressed!
Address: Mezzanine Floor 1, Rainbow Towers
Mobile: +263 773 827 079

PA System and DJing
1.       Premier Sounds Solution
They did the sound for the Bridal Expo, and if you were there, you would agree that they did an amazing job. So take that amazing...ness, and have it at your wedding. You’ll have a nonstop celebration!
Address: 44 Auckland Road, Southerton, Harare
Mobile: +263 772 679 825 (Romeo)
+263 772 950 860 (Tinashe)
+263 733 867 217 (Tanya)

1.       Cake Link
Cake Link has been in existence for 11 years now, and they do gorgeous cakes in a variety of flavours. There was a cake tasting at the Expo, and I tried their red velvet cake. I now know what the fuss is with red velvet cake. It. Is. Divine. If you’re like me and you absolutely cannot stand fruit cake, Cake Link is the place for you. They also do special orders, special needs cakes, and their prices are  reasonable.
Address: 6 Normandy Road, Alexandra Park, Harare
Tel: +263 864 406 9958
Mobile: +263 773 372 295/6, +263 772 329 059

*Sigh* The Bridal Expo Recap Trilogy is complete. I’m now pumped, what will be the subject of  my next trilogy? Just kidding, lol. I would love to hear from you, if you have worked with any of these vendors personally. All these reviews were just my views from my interaction with them at the expo. I recommend them all, if you’re planning your wedding, just give them a call, and see whom you’d love to work with!

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